Top strategies to increase your essay score

Top strategies to increase your essay score

Essay writing can be a daunting affair for working students in today’s world. While ensuring that the syllabus is completely covered, the workload can be enormous. Moreover, the study hours have seen an increase as well. Essay writing is an art and style that anyone can inculcate, while keeping in mind the basics of writing an essay. The essay should throw light on the topic chosen to be written. IT should be a debatable thesis, should have solid, relevant evidence. It could be from one’s own research or referred to from other journals.

These steps will help you create valuable and persuasive essays, even if you are short of time:

Make an outline

You should have a clear idea about what you are going to write before starting. It’s of vital importance if you know what you want to convey through your writing. Making a basic outline about what you want is the basic way of narrowing down your thesis, and a perfect argument will be created, which is clear yet subtle. For the best outcomes, hire reliable ‘write my essay services.

Picking up a title

Once you get an overview of the paper you want to write, you will be clear and in a position to choose a relevant topic. Sit down calmly, after a brainstorming session, jot down the points that come to your mind. You will notice a free flow of ideas in your mind. Focusing on and choosing an interesting topic, you can create a top-class essay loaded with fun and facts. Sometimes you may be stuck with what to take as a topic, then taking the assistance of your mentor or professor can be of great help.

Sampling outline

This will always start with the introduction paragraph, which consists of the first statement and the thesis statement.

Then comes the body paragraph, which consists of giving better statistics, having done research on the topic, having relevant information about the subject, and having an array of relevant data.

The conclusion paragraph is also a pivotal point. It should restate your thesis, support the arguments you give, and be able to clarify if surrounded by any doubts.

Solid understanding of basic grammar skills

Punctuation, style, and grammar are of vital importance while writing an essay. It is incredibly important if you want your paper to be taken seriously. Having a solid knowledge of grammar is highly recommended. Make it necessary to understand the proper use of punctuation marks. The basics of grammar include a subject and verb agreement, proper pronoun and article usage, and well-formed sentences. You should emphasize the usage of active voice instead of passive voice. Your language should be concise and clear.These steps will make your essay stronger and grammatically correct.

Vocabulary should be right

You should have a thorough knowledge of the words that you are using and what they actually mean. While writing an essay based on academics, remember that you are portraying yourself as an expert who is making an intelligent argument. Usage of big words, on the contrary, can many times result in opposite effects. When you are not sure of the meaning of the heavy word you are using, you are at risk of using it in an incorrect manner. The usage of obscure language can mislead the very meanings of certain sentences. You should take into account all the above facts and better make your statements full of clarity and simplicity.

Understanding the argument and critically analyze the evidence

While writing an academic essay, the main argument should be clear in your mind. The writing should be more concise, and while you may find it tempting to go overboard in order to try to make it interesting, better avoid this. Questioning yourself is very important, like am I able to understand my writing well? If the answer is no, then you should better opt out of the confusion.

Write the Body paragraph

After writing the introductory part, the body part should be written. Hers is the space where you explain. Describe the topic and put an argument. Each paragraph will have a meaning attached to it. This is the part for examples and relevant information about the topic you want the readers to know about and understand.

Writing the concluding paragraph

This part is as important as the introductory part. The concluding part gives you an opportunity, to sum up, your ideas and provide a closure to your topic. Summarizing your ideas and arguments are done in this part. Make it short and clear.